What I Got For You?
-How to survive the holidays to keep your weight.
– How to survive your holiday dinners.
– Two complete healthy Thanksgiving recipes (14 recipes in total)
– A 8 minute fat burning workout routine that you can do from home or anywhere.  
-Latest trends on fashion for you to wear on your dinner.  

Get Your Copy Now!

Creating a healthier and happier lifestyle is not always easy, somethimes you need to leave behind old family traditions and create new ones that goes with your core values.  

We have this tendency to say yes to everything except to us, isn’t that ironic? We say yes to buy our kids beautiful stuff, but we say no to get something for yourself, …

So yesterday I was watching a youtube video and the girl ate a pumpkin bread during the vide and there I was, the fall lover already craving a piece of pumpkin bread…

I’m Stephanie L. Lopez a dreamer full of love, compassion, ambition and goals. I am a blogger, writer, designer, baker, photographer and a mother of three, following her big dream being a badass boss while helping ladies to live a heathy and happy lifestyle.

I am from a small town known by it’s beautiful beaches and waves named Rincon in the island of Puerto Rico.  I love to spend my free time at the gym, in the beach and eating chocolate.

Connect with me on my FB group “Fit Steph Community” and ask me anything there! I’m here to help you.  

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