Grab your FREEBES!

Grocery Shopping List

I am sharing my ultimate grocery shopping list with you today, ofyou are looking on creating more homemade meals for a happier and healthier lifestyle then congratulations girl, this is your first step.

Cooking a new recipe can be challenging specially when you don’t have a good variety of foods on your pantry to have fun with, so I believe that it is necessary to always have some veggies, fruits, carbs, herbs and spices to never run short on your ideas and you just got saved by the bell with this free grocery shopping list that I created for you.I know this is going to change your cooking game, so enjoy!


Have you taken a minute to think about what food really is? Seriously, food is a lot more than just something you eat to be healthy. You will see food in a whole new perspective with this article and if you already loved food, you will be more inlove with it now.

We have this tendency to say yes to everything except to us, isn’t that ironic? We say yes to buy our kids beautiful stuff, but we say no to get something for yourself, …

Easy homemade chocolate spread with healthy fats, low sugar and kids approved. Get your recipe now

I’m Stephanie L. Lopez a dreamer full of love, compassion, ambition and goals. I am a nutrition coach, blogger, writer, designer, baker, and a mother of three, following her big dream of helping ladies out there to reach their dream body weight while maintaining a perfect health and happiness.

I am from a small town known by it’s beautiful beaches and waves named Rincon in the island of Puerto Rico (pssst… if you want to visit, let’s meet and call my sister she’s a vacation properties manager). I love to spend my free time at the gym and having new memories out with my little family.


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